Howdy BOGAS fans!

After 3 exciting years, BOGAS has taken the plunge and remade ourselves into something bigger, meaner and more awesome in every aspect; TOYTAG | Play at its Finest! In addition to an enhanced interface and improved usability, TOYTAG will also feature products in a variety of wacky new categories. Fret not, you'll still be able to find the board and card games you so love.

All this excitement and fun await at our new lair at! You will NOT be required to create a new account with us from scratch; you can still use your existing BOGAS account to sign into TOYTAG, and start going hysterical immediately!

As a closing note, we'd like to thank you, our fans, for all your support these years :) We hope to serve all your toy and gaming needs even better with TOYTAG in future!


The TOYTAG team


Saturday, February 25, 2017 09:37 pm
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